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Another Brother

ANOTHER BROTHER is a moving biographical mosaic of one ordinary yet extraordinary man, Clarence Fitch. An African American veteran of the Vietnam War, Clarence was like many veterans in the hardships he endured – racism, poverty, substance abuse, and HIV/AIDS – yet uncommon in his ability to transform these experiences through a life of political activism. In telling Clarence's gripping personal story, the film provides a unique window onto the Vietnam War, racism in America, and a host of social problems which have ravaged America for the past three decades. The film is narrated chiefly by Clarence in an audio taped interview by William Short, a fellow Vietnam veteran, before Clarence’s death from AIDS in 1990.

Produced and Directed by Tami Gold
1998, 50 minutes, color, 16mm/video

"As one who has spent many years doing documentary work, I want to salute those who assembled ANOTHER BROTHER. It is an important document of a difficult life and should be seen by the widest possible audience."

Gil Nobel, Producer, LIKE IT IS, ABC-NY

"Inspiring documentary which recounts the tale of a black Vietnam War vet who returned home to Jersey City and somehow managed, even though he was battling heroin addiction and AIDS, to become an antiwar activist, high-school mentor and community leader - a Reel American hero."

Jessica Lustig, TIME OUT NEW YORK

"Excellent! This is an engrossing and intelligent look at the life of one man during war and peace, ably directed by Tami Gold, a longtime friend of Fitch."

Matt Zoller Seitz, THE STAR LEDGER

"A compelling, must see documentary of the Vietnam War period, Blacklife, and a social commentary that depicts the richness of a hero who never stopped fighting for his country, community and people."

Job Mashariki, Executive Director, Black Veterans for Social Justice

"Tremendous! An incredibly powerful film that brings contemporary history to life. ANOTHER BROTHER follows the complex and often difficult life of Clarence Fitch, who despite great adversity was able to retain hope and commit himself to social change. This illuminating film is more than the story of one man's life, it's a story about the power of redemption."

Bill Fletcher, Jr., Director of Education, AFL-CIO

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"Another Brother" on Rikers Island
Documentary Explores War and Racism
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CINE Golden Eagle Award

Chicago International Film Festival - Gold Hugo

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Prized Pieces International Film Competition Community Choice, 1st Place Winner for Public Affairs Documentary

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