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Passionate Politics: The Life and Work of Charlotte Bunch
A Joyce Warshow Film
Produced & Directed by Tami Gold

PASSIONATE POLITICS brings Charlotte's story to life, from idealistic young civil rights organizer to lesbian activist, to internationally-recognized leader of a campaign to put women's rights, front and center, on the global human rights agenda. Charlotte has been both a product and creator of her times: every chapter in her life is a chapter in the story of modern feminist activism, from its roots in the 1960's struggles for social justice to international campaigns against gender-based violence today.

Full Synopsis (pdf)

photos from the film

A Joyce Warshow Film
Produced & Directed by Tami Gold
Co-Produced by David Pavlosky
Edited by Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez
Executive Producer Dorothy Sander
AndersonGOLD Films Production

2011, 57 minutes, color, DVD.


Universities and Institutions $250
Community Groups/ Public Libraries/ High Schools $90
Rental $75

Passionate Politics is streaming as part of the Kanopy collection. Click here to see if you have access through your educational institution.

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Full Synopsis (pdf)

Interview: The Making of PASSIONATE POLITICS (pdf)

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Screenings & Awards

Athena Film Festival
Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival

The Global Peace Film Festival
The New York MIX Queer Experimental Film Festival
The National Women's Studies Association Conference
OUT @fter Carleton Reunion
Association for Women's Rights in Development Conference
Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute

"Inspirational! This film explores the history of feminism through the political career of an activist from New Mexico and powerfully documents Charlotte’s lifelong dedication to liberation and social justice. Creatively using archival footage the film shows Charlotte grow into a leading activist and intellectual, embraced and valued by women across the globe."

Amina Mama, PhD
Director, Women & Gender Studies
University of California Davis

"PASSIONATE POLITICS beautifully intertwines Charlotte Bunch's personal and public persona, exemplifying the leadership that lesbians have always played within many movements including the women's, sexual and human rights movements.  In a powerful and poetic way, PASSIONATE POLITICS captures the wholeness of Charlotte Bunch and erases the invisibility of lesbian leadership in feminist and social justice work."

Katherine Acey
Executive Director Emeritus,
Astraea Lesbian Foundation
for Justice