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Daughters of Dykes

Daughters of Dykes

This is an up-beat and at times humorous glimpse into the thoughts of a group of teenage girls raised by lesbian mothers. It candidly asks questions that the neighbors want to, but never dare. "How do lesbians have sex?" "Does having a lesbian mother turn you into one?" Told through the experience of its eighteen-year-old director, this frank video invites its audience to laugh and, at the same time, to feel comfortable questioning their own sexuality.

1994, 14 minutes, Color, Video
by Amilca Palmer

"Uplifting, Provocative and Honest! The insight of youth is forever awesome. DAUGHTERS OF DYKES, made by and for young people, is a great tool for facilitating needed discussion."

Jessica Saalfield, Co-Director, Camp Lavender Hill
"Teenage daughters of lesbian mothers frankly discuss their feelings about their parents' homosexuality. This video allows us to believe we have met a group of young people who have adapted successfully to the situation and are free to explore their own sexuality."

Sally Miller, Parent & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
"Snappy, bright, and surprising. A rare opportunity to eavesdrop on the insights of a group of teenagers whose own emerging sexuality shares the stage with their mothers'."

Janet Cole, Film/Video Producer and Director
"DAUGHTERS OF DYKES is a sensitive look at a topic that has been too often overlooked. This video will benefit young people coming to terms with their own sexuality as well as the sexuality of their parents. I can see this video being helpful to mothers who are wondering how to come out to their children and what their children's reaction will be. If the 'daughters of dykes' in this video are any indication - and they are - the mothers will find a wealth of acceptance."

Frances Kunreuther, Former Director, The Hetrick-Martin Institute


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