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Looking for a Space: Lesbians and Gay Men in Cuba

One of the ironies of the Cuban Revolution was that, from the beginning, it persecuted many of its loyal supporters because of their sexual orientation. LOOKING FOR A SPACE examines the cultural, political and historical reasons behind the persecution of lesbians and gay men during the early years of the Revolution, and takes a fresh look at this issue from the perspectives of Cubans who are living on the island today.

We meet a diverse group of people, from a wide range of age groups and occupations, who express differences of opinion. Older people recall the repression of the late sixties when gay people were sent to "UMAP" camps for "re-education." During the Mariel boatlift of 1980, many gay people were seen as "counterrevolutionary" for fleeing the country. Many younger Cubans feel there is more tolerance today, as an emerging gay subculture demonstrates. Given the uncertain political and economic climate of today's Cuba, the future remains unclear. Though completed in 1994, this documentary raises critical questions about political and sexual identity that are still highly relevant today.

Produced and Directed by Kelly Anderson
38:00, color, video
Available in Spanish or English

"...steers a thoughtful course between the myths and stereotypes about Cuban culture."

San Francisco Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Catalogue
"With courage and honesty, Anderson navigates the Cuban contradictions."

Jorge Cortinas, International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Screenings & Awards
Screened at the American Psychiatric Association 1995 Annual Conference

American Center (Paris)

Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Chicago Latino Film Festival
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