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The Last Hunger Strike

The Last Hunger Strike: Ireland 1981

In the spring and summer of 1981 fifteen young men, prisoners in Northern Ireland, decided as a final form of protest to begin a hunger strike. Over a four month period, ten of these men starved to death. Michael James Devine was the last of the hunger strikers to die. To his community he died a freedom fighter, to the British government he died a common criminal. Within these two classifications lies the germ of Michael's story. THE LAST HUNGER STRIKE explores the day to day reality which compels a man to voluntarily surrender his life as a form of protest.

By James Gaffney, Tami Gold and Ilan Ziv
1982, 60 minutes, Color, Video

"A sensitive – but shattering – look at the human dimensions of violence that continues to rock Northern Ireland."

Liz Emmett, PBS Television
"Covering the period of 1968, when a fledgling civil rights movement enlisted both Catholic and Protestant poor, until 1981, when Northern Ireland had moved to a bitter polarization, the film clearly outlines what happened in each depressing step along the way."

"For an understanding of the Irish situation, it's an hour not to be missed... It is like a skillfully created tapestry, weaving facts, film footage of violent upheavals, and interviews. It packs a tremendous emotional wallop!"

Kay Gardella, THE DAILY NEWS
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Gold Plaque, Chicago International Film and Video Festival

Honorable Mention, American Film and Video Festival

The Kennedy Center (American Film Institute)

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