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Out at Work

In 1992 Cheryl Summerville, a cook at a Cracker Barrel restaurant outside Atlanta, received a termination paper stating that she was fired for "failing to demonstrate normal heterosexual values." She was shocked to discover that in more than 40 American states it was legal to fire workers simply because of their sexual orientation. OUT AT WORK chronicles the stories of a cook, an auto worker and a librarian as they seek workplace safety, job security and benefits for gay and lesbian workers. 

1996 (with 2009 updates), 56 minutes, color, DVD.

Also on this DVD: OUT AT WORK: AMERICA UNDERCOVER, an HBO special that includes the shocking story of stock trade Mark Anderson's brutal harassment at Cantor Fitzgerald. 

1999 (with 2009 updates), 58 minutes, color, DVD.

This DVD includes both documentaries.

"A close-up of how deeply feelings against homosexuals can still reach and how vicious they can be."

Walter Goodman, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Filled with humor, insight and moving fervor, OUT AT WORK offers a stirring experience for all of us."

Robert Hawk, Sundance Film Festival
"OUT AT WORK is a well-researched, well-made documentary about gay life in the workplace. Its informative look at "routine" discrimination and harassment – including and out-and-out threats against gay workers – is an eye-opener for those who thought that everybody knew better in the 90s."


“OUT AT WORK is the single most important organizing tool we have had for our educational work within workplaces and labor unions.”

KipuKai Kuali'I, Co-President, Pride at Work, AFL-CIO


College and Universities $125
Community Colleges $79
K-12 Schools, Public Libraries
& Community Groups $49

Out At Work is streaming as part of the Kanopy collection. Click here to see if you have access through your educational institution.

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Screenings & Awards

Cine Golden Eagle Award

GLAAD Award, Outstanding Documentary of the Year

Cablecast on HBO's AMERICA UNDERCOVER series

Gold Plaque, Chicago International Film Festival

Golden Apple Award, National Educational Media Network

SUNDANCE Film Festival (Official Selection)