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Emily and Gitta
Shift Shift
A veritable prisoner in her own life, Melanie is stuck in a dead-end job with a deadbeat husband until she gets a phone call from Louis, a prison inmate in a corporate work program conducting a routine phone survey. Kelly Anderson's drama SHIFT explores the volatile relationship that develops between Melanie and Louis, as a mundane encounter presents life-changing questions for them both.
  Emily and Gitta   Emily and Gitta
Memories of the holocaust are interlaced with a contemporary love story in this arresting short drama. Emily, a painter, is the child of concentration camp survivors. Gitta, a photographer, grew up in Germany thinking of herself as innocent, removed from the actions of her parents and their generation under Hitler. The two meet and begin a dance of emotional and erotic intimacy. But almost as soon as it gets under way, their relationship threatens to come undone by the personal and historical legacies they do and do not share.